About Us

I always intended to pursue a career in set and costume design. However, a career in Stage Management, theatre (for the RSC) and the BBC accidentally intervened. After 21 plus years of working in production as a Line Producer for the BBC, with production credits including many household names such as Grange Hill, The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Wogan, Common As Muck, Between the Lines, EastEnders, Doctor and Casualty, I never forgot my first love for design.

During my early years at the BBC, I kept my passion for design alive by completing a City and Guilds in photography. I’ve always kept my camera close to me on my travels, and found that more and more set designers were requesting to use my photographs to help them dress a room or set.  As a result, I decided to develop my passion for design into more than just a hobby and started an interior designer course. I found that I loved working with the other designers on the course, and using my photography to help them get the right look for their projects and clients.  As a consequence, when I left the BBC to pursue a portfolio career, mixing my freelance TV production work with photography, I now specialise, as a photographer, in working with set designers and interior designers either using photographs from my extensive portfolio or creating bespoke photography to a creative brief for their clients. Some of my more unusual corporate and private commissions have included taking the photos of dismembered bodies for use in the TV programme Silent Witness.

To help the interior designers I partner with, I have created a range mode boards of my photography works on display within the various settings.

My photography interest lies mainly in travel photography and I have travelled extensively in Asia, Africa, States and Europe etc. capturing the architecture, landscape and its people. On one such trip, three days into my vacation to Tokyo, Japan on Friday 11th March 2011, at two fifty six hours, I felt the ground move from under my feet. Stood in the middle of Tokyo with thousands of other people, looking up at the buildings swaying was the most traumatic experience I have ever encountered.  I was lucky enough to get just a few photographs of the days before and after the tragic day whilst in Tokyo and Kyoto. This experience, and the photos I took on that trip, will stay with me for life.

Also undertakes commissions and corporate work.